Reformer Pilates Classes in ACT

Reformer Pilates is for core, floor, and postural health and exercise. Nestled in our conveniently located clinic at the 2.0 DKSN Precinct, Reformer Pilates is a fun and supportive class for all ages and exercise backgrounds.

The benefits of reformer Pilates are insurmountable. Not only being a superior methodology to improve core and pelvic floor function, but it is also a low-impact full-body workout to tone and strengthen the entire body. Reformer Pilates is also fantastic for flexibility & mental health.

We offer 1:1 and small group (max 4 participants) 40 minute reformer classes where you have your own personalised exercise program catering to your needs and goals.

Each class is supervised by one of our Exercise Physiologists or Physiotherapists whose goal is to help you develop a deeper connection with your body.

At EmPower We Have Classes Available on Monday & Wednesday Afternoons 4-7:30pm

How do I join this program?

To learn more about our Reformer Pilates services, book an introductory 1:1 appointment with Roxanne or call our friendly client support team on 02 6140 3282.

If you are already part of the EmPower family, you can talk to your treating practitioner about joining the reformer classes.

Benefits of our Reformer Pilates sessions:

  • Improved pelvic floor and core strength
  • Assistance with weight management
  • Improved postural muscle strength and endurance
  • Pregnancy and postnatal friendly
  • Bubs and breastfeeding welcome
  • All sessions delivered by a Women’s and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Ready to make an appointment with EmPower?

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